J/45, Test now!

It has never been that simple to look or test a J Boats. To help you finalazing your project, we come to you. Our experts open their doors with almost all models available to visit or test near your homeport.


For your comfort, your recreation.

J 112 Elegance

The J 112 Elegance is the fruit of 2 years of extensive work. The ultimate quest for the best possible balance between interior comfort and performance makes the J 112 Elegance truly unique. No other yacht will offer such charm, whatever your use.

NEW J 40 Elegance

THE NEW J/40 . . . offshore speed, comfort and ease. J/Composites and J/Boats are pleased to announce the New J/40, an offshore-capable, high performance cruising yacht capable of double-digit speeds with exceptional comfort, both in port and at sea. From the same team that launched the award-winning J/112E, J/122 and J/45, comes an exciting new 40-footer that boldly pushes the envelope on performance, versatility of use, and cruising comfort.

J 45 Elegance

Exciting 45’ offshore sailing yacht that may change all of your sailing plans. Leading edge hull design meets refined interior design to raise the bar on cruising comfort and performance like no J before it.


For the thrill, the adrenalin rush

J 70 Sport

Treat yourself to a genuine icon of one design sailing. The perfect combination of an accessible design and unquestionable performance. She is THE most widely distributed yacht in the world and for good reason.

J 80 Sport

20 years of know-how. Control her power, savour her stability! Unleash your inner racer!

J 99 Sport

The new J/99 completes the Sport range and aims to satisfy multiple demands. A racer that is intended to be both accessible and high-performance, the J/99 will excite your senses and her very attractive price is bound to appeal!

J 111 Sport

The adrenalin rises as you head out from the port, accompanied by the smiles of friends and the rush of the waves. The boat accelerates away in the slightest gust. This boat enables you to quickly gain access to new frontiers with surprising ease. Savour the moment, because the adventure is just beginning.

J/112 Elegance yacht : go forth and conquer the ocean !

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